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Custom med compounding pharmacy

Thank you for your interest in our services. Custom Med Compounding Pharmacy was founded in 2006 to serve patients all over the Southeast.  Utilizing over 30 years of compounding experience, our pharmacists and technicians provide you with top quality, patient-specific medications. Whether the patient is young or old, male or female, animal or human, we use the highest quality raw materials to prepare a medication precisely targeted to the individual.  Our pharmacists pride themselves on being problem solvers either with customized options for your prescription or with recommendations from our lines of pharmaceutical grade supplements.  Custom Med Compounding Pharmacy will always be focused on you, so stop by or call us today.

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specializing in compounding for:
Individualized HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy)
Pediatric Patients
Veterinary Practices
Pain Management
Sports Medicine
Nutritional Supplementation
Individualized Disease State Management